Shanghai Scarlet

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Pictures of 1930s Shanghai

Mu Shiying Wedding Picture

The narrators, Mu Shiying and Qiu Peipei Note Qiu Peipei is not mentioned by name in the photo caption. I had difficulty finding her name – finally from a University of Toronto doctoral dissertation. This indicates the inferior position of women in China, in particular at this time (1930s and 1940s).

This is the place where Qiu Peipei disembarked when she first came to Shanghai.

The photographs above are of a soapstone carving of a boy playing a flute. The front view is on the title page and just before the start of the text. The back view comes after the end of the story. This was a present to me from my beloved amah, Ah Ling, after the end of the Second World War. It features in the same positions in my first book, Gudao, Lone Islet. In this book, Shanghai Scarlet, it is the present Qiu Peipei chose as a gift from her true love, Mu Shiying.

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